Classic Penguin Covers

February 10, 2010

I am always on the hunt for old Penguin books. I often judge books by their cover and if I came across the Penguin/Pelican science/psychology/mathematics covers well, I’d have no choice but to buy them all! I have already come across quite a few in second hand shops but the collecting will never end – I know this. If you are a graphic designer with a deep passion for these books – you (I hope) have picked up a copy of Penguin by Design and Seven Hundred Penguins. Penguin by Design by Phil Baines is an in depth look at Penguin’s classic style and those who made it happen. If you haven’t seen it, Seven Hundred Penguins is a book of said number of Penguin covers. This book was actually rather disappointing in a way – only because some of the very best designs didn’t make the cut. So many of the minimalist, geometric cover were not included while too many fiction novels were. You can grab these at most book stores but I suggest ordering from Swipe: Books on Advertising and Design.

See a nice collection of Penguin covers at Things Magazine. Some of the best are there!


Redesigning the Ketchup Packet

February 5, 2010

For the first time in 42 years, ketchup packets get a redesign that is possibly even better than the classic version. The new design has dual functionality: you can peel and dip or rip and squeeze. Looks to me like less mess and less waste so good job on that Heinz!

Michael Deal: Charting the Beatles

January 28, 2010

You can’t go wrong when you mix infographics and the Beatles. Michael Deal is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn who made elaborate visualizations from the songs of the fab four. Check out his website.

See the whole project.

2009 Logo Design Trends

January 25, 2010

I just came across an article at Logo Lounge going over logo trends of 2009. They pay a lot of time and attention to it and have a great perspective on identity. Give it a read. May inspire you?

One of many categories: Recycle

Nicholas Felton: Feltron Annual Report 2009

January 25, 2010

Since 2005 Nicholas Felton has been making an annual report of his life. When I first saw it, from what I gather, the statistics were based on his own life such as what music he listened to, where he traveled to, ect. Now, he also survey’s his friends and families creating elaborate infographics based on the results.

The annual report is available for pre-order at his website. Each copy will be letterpressed, signed and numbered. 2000 copies will be printed at $20 a pop.


January 24, 2010

I finally got around to watching the movie Moon and I must say, no one could be a better Moon robot than Kevin Spacey. I highly recommend watching it if you are a space geek like me. I’d go on but I always end up giving away the important information that you need to find out yourself.

Ross Berens

January 21, 2010

These posters by Ross Berens have been popping up all around me lately and probably for the better. I really enjoy looking at them. The collection goes by “Under the Mily Way” which includes the 9 planets we used to have. I highly recommend you take a look at the rest of the posters (for sale soon!) and be sure to see his complete portfolio.

Jordan Gray

January 21, 2010

I was initially struck when I came across his elegant Julian restaurant branding. Jordan is a graphic designer and is working on a children’s book about beards. It’s well worth your time, so visit his site!

Knox Mountain Hike

January 18, 2010

See more at

Another Pod Post: The OfficePOD

January 18, 2010

For those of us working from home, this cozy little pod provides probably just enough space from our family and typical household distractions.

View the original article here.